FEED LONDON by Miracles

Feed London was launched by the UK charity, Miracles, in December 2020. We supported over 280 children and their families from London’s five boroughs with the highest rates of child poverty. We provided each family a Feed London Christmas Food Box packed with fresh food, interactive recipes and support over the Christmas holidays when many families were stretched to breaking point. All participating families had been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19. 

Miracles is a UK charity that was launched in October 1994 during the height of the Bosnia-Herzegovina war (92-95) when our founder, Theo Ellert, was taking humanitarian aid to civilians caught up in the conflict.

Since the launch, Miracles has worked extensively throughout the UK supporting children and their families living in poverty and helping them through crisis situations.

We help by providing two support mechanisms:

  • Crisis funding – 24 hour turnaround – practical and rapid support for families who have nowhere else to turn. We provide grants that cover a broad spectrum of issues - from hospital travel and accommodation, food, clothing, additional medical equipment, through to helping to halt evictions, reconnect house utilities, home medical needs and house adaptions (such as a new washing machine). We even occasionally fill the fridge with food so a family can eat well. For a deeper understanding of our crisis funding visit Miracles impact pages

  • Respite breaks – for families with children recovering from or undergoing treatment for serious illness. Spending time together as a family outside of hospitals and treatment centres can be incredibly therapeutic and healing. We provide the location and, if needed, the travel, the food, the entertainment as well as a bit of spending money. To learn more about our holiday caravans on the South West coast visit Miracles respite pages.

For further information about Miracles support criteria, please click here.



Feed London’s vision is that no child, living in poverty, should ever have to go without access to fresh food and should never have to miss a meal whatever their circumstances.


Feed London believes every child deserve the best opportunities in life and we will actively fight for and support all legislation that introduces real equality and fairness into their lives.


Safeguarding – we take great care to keep the children and vulnerable adults we support safe. We have in place a robust child protection plan and all Miracles employees and key volunteers are DBS cleared.


Inclusiveness – our support is without prejudice. We support children and their families irrespective of their race, religion, gender, age, location or political affiliation.


Participation – we value and encourage the contribution of volunteers, community members and organisations and strive to support all contributors to our work in a positive and inclusive manner.


Professionalism – We commit to a very high standard of work in all our endeavours and expect the same level of professionalism from all our partners. This ensure our work best serves those in most need.