Green Frosting Cupcakes


Where? Your kitchen

When? Throughout January, February and March

Registration? £25 per entry 

Who? Children and adults – We want the whole family to cook together

The rules are simple:


  1. Donate – you can do that here.

  2. Sign up - let us know you are taking part.

  3. Bake a cake – what type of cake is up to you. There are two entries one for adults and one for children – make sure you make it clear which one you are entering.

  4. Let us know the type of cake, the ingredients, why you baked it and how good did it taste? Email here

  5. Don't forget to include some pictures  – we want to see cake inside and out.

  6. Our celebrity judges will decide the winning entry from the following criteria:

  • Creativity

  • Impact – how good does it look?

  • How good does it taste - we'll take your word for it :)

  • How challenging was it?  

  • Your rationale – why did you choose this cake to bake?

The winners from both adult and child categories will be announced on Wednesday 31 March. 

The prize will be a night out in London – dinner at a fancy West End restaurant and tickets for a West End show – once Covid restrictions have been lifted – something to look forward to.

Good luck

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