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Feed London Christmas - how you made a difference

Last year, in just a few short weeks, you helped us create one of our most successful

projects to date enabling us to reach over 280 children and their families in the five London’s Boroughs with the highest rates of child poverty in the country. Each family received an essential Feed London food box stuffed full of all the ingredients needed for a sumptuous Christmas dinner (and beyond) plus lots of treats and a £100 supermarket voucher.

You made it happen through your donations on our Virgin Giving site – thank you.

With additional support from the Lottery and the Angus Lawson Trusts (and lots of other generous people and companies), it looks like we raised over £40,000 – way beyond our target.

I thought you would like to know more about some of the children and families we were able to reach so over the coming weeks I will share some of their stories and how Feed London has made a difference – how you have made a difference. We have altered names and locations etc. to protect their identity.

Feed London is much more than food aid – it’s about getting fresh and healthy food directly into family’s homes (food banks are great but often the food is highly processed) during the school holidays when 100,000’s of children regularly miss meals – go days without any fresh fruit or vegetables. It’s about getting a family cooking and sharing time together, learning new skills, learning about healthy food and diets, discovering the joy of cooking – nothing tastes better to a child than the food they have cooked themselves.

It’s also about giving some hope during these dark and scary times, about sharing a sense of community, of togetherness. Of letting families know that however desperate it may feel they are not alone.

Feed London 2021 is already underway – we aim to reach families during the 3 major holidays – Easter, Summer and Christmas. We desperately need new supporters – from companies to schools to individuals. If you can help, then get in touch – or go to our Virgin Giving pages and donate what you can.

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