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This Christmas over a third of London’s children are living in poverty - thats over 700,000 children - as many as Scotland and Wales combined (CPAG).

COVID-19 has devastated their lives – during lockdown 35% missed at least one meal per day and went three days without eating any fresh vegetables or fruit. We can't let that happen again.

Help end child hunger this Christmas

For just £25 you can help feed a family this Christmas; from £5 per month you can provide ongoing support to help us end child hunger and the threat of malnutrition.

You can make a difference.....

Feed London, by the UK charity Miracles, will support 100s of families this Christmas and beyond by providing a delicious Feed London Christmas food boxes that will include ingredients for Christmas dinner,  recipes with sustainable healthy eating ideas, box of Christmas crackers, aprons for the children (we want them to help cook on the big day) and a supermarket voucher.


Feed London is the response by the uk charity, Miracles, to the desperate food poverty crisis taking place amongst children and young people in London - exacerbated by COVID - 19 - specifically during the school holidays when so many children’s access to a hot meal has been stopped. In particular we wanted to support those children living in London’s five boroughs which have the highest child poverty rates in the country.

We believe in taking a whole family approach. we want to encourage long-term healthy eating and to introduce children to the fun of cooking – because nothing tastes better than food you have cooked yourself.

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A report by Save the Children found that that living standards in the UK have plunged for some of the poorest families during the coronavirus pandemic, with over a third reporting they are worse off financially since lockdown.  


The charity’s survey of households on universal credit or working tax credits found nearly two-thirds had run up debts over the past two months, 60% had cut down on food and other basics, and over a third had relied on charities for food and clothes.

Over a quarter of respondents said it was harder to afford food compared to the start of the pandemic, while 22% reported using a food bank. 


Miracles has continued to support families facing poverty as well as a life crisis such as serious illness of a child throughout the pandemic. The most requested item over this past six months has been supermarket vouchers. 

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Helping Those Who Need It Most

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No Child Should Go Hungry

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"This is the first generation in all of recorded history that can do something about the scourge of poverty. We have the means to do it. We can banish hunger from the face of the earth"

Hubert Humphrey


Feed London takes a whole family approach: we provide the ingredients for a very special Christmas dinner as well as recipes for healthy meals and snacks throughout the holiday.  

Recipes donated by our celebrity chef are designed to be easily accessible to children and their carers so that they can enjoy  preparing and eating food together, using fresh and healthy ingredients.  

Families are also given a supermarket gift voucher where they can purchase the ingredients for their weeks’ worth of recipes. Everything is bundled into a beautiful Feed London Christmas food box that includes aprons for the children and a box of Christmas Crackers.

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