Feed London reaches deep into the heart of London communities – communities that were already impacted by poverty before the COVID 19 pandemic.

We have partnered with referral organisations across all five London boroughs - from social workers in local councils’ early response teams to projects and organsiations associated with the Mayor of London’s Kitchen Social projects. This ensures we reach those children in most need – where Feed London will have the most impact.

By partnering with a food fulfilment company we can deliver fresh food straight to the families’ door at the start of the school holidyas.

1. You donate to Feed London 

£25 contributes to a Feed London Food Box  - £175  buys a complete family Feed London Food box.

Step One

Step Two

2. We select the families

Families from one of the five target London Boroughs with the highest child poverty rates

Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney, Islington and Westminster

Step Three

3. The families choose their meals

We provide enough choice to suit every pallet and dietary requirement   

Step Four

4. We order the food

Our food fulfilment partner creates the Feed London Food Box - they guarantee every family receives the best and freshest food available

Step Five

5. The Feed London Food Box is delivered at the start of the holidays.

Filled with ingredients, recipes, a £100 supermarket voucher and much more.

Step Six

6. Let the cooking begin!

Families have access to their menus of choice with easy to follow instructions for children and they have time to put the supermarket voucher to best use.

Step Seven

It doesn’t end there though. We want to know how it has gone – what was the best recipe the children enjoyed cooking and eating the most…

So we are asking every participating family to give us their feedback – what they enjoyed, their favourite recipe and maybe a picture or two. We also want to know how we can make it even better when the next holiday comes around. 

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